Why I Left Sisters in Crime

Okay so it’s not all about Sisters in Crime, a writing club worldwide for women mystery/crime writers. I joined because they once had great articles and podcasts about writing and especially crime.

Recently, I found I’d spent needless dollars for a group which had gone totally woke. I am generally non-PC or neutral in my writing, but I am all about crime. I want to hear, read, listen to podcasts about crime writing. Not politics.

Gah. Not a crime podcast for an entire year about crime.

So I removed my emblem from my website featuring Sisters in Crime. I wrote to them via email, asking them to discontinue my subscription. And I’d like my money back. I’m off their facebook site. Just. No.

<no available appropriate meme for ‘ugh’>

False advertising.


Other than editing, not much is going on.

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