It. Is. Finished.

Okay I am NOT taking Jesus’s words out of context, but “Glass Slipper” is in the hands of the publisher, and the likely date of publishing is around about August. Giving me a LOT of time to churn through a whole lot of my – ahem – 246 books on my Kindle.

Is that an addiction or a book club?

So it’s nearly Christmas. Looks like I’ll be baking my homemade rolls for a bunch’a family. These puppies are humongous and work great for turkey sammiches the day after Christmas. Or any time.

I have A LOT of books in mind (the majority are skeletalnized with some bones and some muscles/tissue/tendons. Looking forward to writing:

  1. possible military thriller
  2. possible follow up to the Whiskey River Series
  3. possible cozy mystery
  4. possible police procedural in rural Minnesota
  5. And … I have others.
  6. SCARY

I am reading “The Kremlin Conspiracy” by Joel Rosenberg, a Christian writer and a great author with complex characters.

If you like thrillers and haven’t read his novels, check into them.

SO everyone, have a wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas, remember why we celebrate, give gifts, and sing those wonderful Christ centered songs. Merry Christmas!

And when the holidays pass, stop by again, and give me an idea of what you are reading, what you are writing, and what you think I should write!


5 thoughts on “It. Is. Finished.

  1. Congratulations! I will look forward to hearing more about your book’s progress. May you an yours have a wonderful Christmas—and those rolls look delicious.


    1. thank you! Merry Christmas, and I believe my editor will crack her whip for the next few months while I attempt to read in between hiding from her LOL. Also trying to figure out what to write. HMM. I’ve participated in NanoWrimo and thus, have a number of books at 50,000 words and well, a lot of work to do on them. Those rolls have become a family tradition, and if I purchase store bought rolls boy… do I get the evil eye!

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      1. If I’m guessing correctly, you won’t succeed hiding from your editor! And I know what you mean about the rolls. My family likes ones a bit simpler to make called Texas Spoon Rolls. These too are expected. You have a Merry Christmas!


      2. You’re correct! she is relentless. The rolls sound great! The recipe is super easy for mine, but to make them huge I add an extra tbl of yeast LOLOLOL. I let it rise in the bread machine and the it makes about 8 rolls so I’m looking at making 2 batches. My first trip to my in laws, we made nearly 100 for 50 family members. Yikes.

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