Man have I been tired. I think I take two sometimes three naps a day. Apparently this is normal. For like 6 months after a stroke.

Oh, yay.

Yes, I have a routine. No I won’t give up coffee. Yes, I can still do my wee exercises. Yeah yeah yeah. I know, it’s about healing, blah, blah, blah.

Truly, this is cutting into my reading and penning time. Imma gonna need an alarm on after 30 minutes. Perhaps I need this time sound asleep after all.

Tomorrow I go for PRE-OP. Anything CVA related? No. Cataract related. Again. I wondered if it was too early for surgery after the CVA but the cardiologist said I was cleared for it. Okay. LOL I won’t be able to SEE right. They’ve gotta fix a retinal tear and the other eye, remove the cataract. Will they do both same day? Who. Knows. If so, I’ll have those funky patches on each eye, and I’ll look just like an alien.

This doesn’t include surgical procedures to implant a 3 year loop recorder *THREE YEARS* to send to my cardiologist in real time what’s going on with my heart, and a TEE before the loop recorder (did I say 3 years?!). So exciting (transesophageal echocardiogram–go ahead, check my spelling, I’m closing in on naptime). Nothing to do with golf. The TEE, not the nap.

I wait upon my editor to get through her slush pile to pen my third novel to pieces and eventually get the title and cover. Looking forward to it! “Glass Slipper” still fits? Oh. Well, since you haven’t read it, then how could you possibly agree with me …? jus’ sayin’ ya know?

Working my way through “Warped,” (a bit at a time) and enjoying it, quite different from my normal genres yet still the investigations I am used to.

Today I add, my Christian genres are not the normal Amish, romcom, or even romantic suspense.

Here are the genres I love to read, thus I love to write:



Military fiction


Crime fiction

And … medical as in forensics.

They are not sweetness, they are not pretty stories. They do revolve around either the salvation message or the sanctification message. Physical disasters and war, crime, thrillers are a picture of spiritual warfare in real life–finding the evil, the ugly demons plaguing our lives, as we bring out the sword of the Spirit and fight.

Now. Tell me about what you read? Write? Seriously. Inquiring minds want to know.

And as always, links to the first Whiskey River novel, romantic suspense, and followed by a standalone military intrigue/romance…

He’s a warrior. And figures she’ll be cooperative. Scott’s got no idea.
She’s clueless. He’s laughing. Catherine has no idea why she’s being dogged by a homicide detective. He has no idea why she wants to run away. Of course, she’s a thief but … really!

What are your favorite reads?




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