Claire O’Sullivan

A native to rural Southern Oregon, Claire O’Sullivan has worked both as a nurse, nurse practitioner, and has hours and hours of forensics training from the National Forensic Science Technology Center which she’s applied to her debut novel, romantic suspense, *Romance Under Wraps, and to her medical thriller, *Rules of Engagement. “Glass Slipper” is a forensics and police procedural, a sequel to “Romance Under Wraps.”

Her novels are more grit than gush. She’s always wanted to write a sweet romance, but dead bodies somehow always show up, or the world is in danger from some type of conspirators. 

She can usually be found reading a book, likely a romantic suspense, military thriller, medical, police procedural, as well as a political thriller. Despite the grit, her works are inspirational. Although absolutely humorless, she seems to think she’s funny and inserts lame comedy into her novels and snort laughs at old movies. Now that Ms. O’Sullivan writes full time, she and her husband will always call Oregon “home,” because they are too old to move. Also, they can visit family, friends, the beach or mountains, bypassing TSA for reasons only known to the author. You can visit her at Twitter (@AuthorClaire1), blog,(here time to time, Claire O’Sullivan – WordPress) or her website at Claire O’Sullivan.

Such a long time ago! Before chefs Matt and Jessica got to ’em

Her husband has two kids from a previous marriage, his son in the Army for all time, Dave, Steph, and their kids, Ethan and Caleb.

Dave and Steph
Steph and Trisha

and daughter, Trisha, a much sought-after esthetician–too late, she has her own practice/spa. If you’re ever in Medford, look up Adorn. She gives the best facials.

Ethan and Caleb

Ethan and Caleb

Claire’s son from a previous marriage looks like a bodyguard but works drywalling, and building ‘stuff,’ and his girlfriend, Jessica. Both could be co-chefs and open their own restaurant. Claire and her husband, Pat, are their guinea pigs.

Matt and Jessica

And my pictures of Trisha’s kids, Sage and Ruby are On My Wall. So adorable but not on my computer! How rude, huh??

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