A little about me.


I’m a native of Oregon and have lived rurally in Southern Oregon, in the same home, for the majority of my adult life. But my formative years were spent in Southern Minnesota, then off to college at the University of Wisconsin. Then, Issaquah, Washington to attend a Bible college.

I retired a few years early from a 40-year nursing career including CNA to RN to BSN (bachelor’s degree in nursing) to master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Loved my work, my patients, and especially loved having my own practice. Now that was awesome. You may see several loves of mine: medicine, forensics, baking, gardening, and ranching (OK, OK, so the neighbors have the ranch. I get to learn from them).

I also enjoy being a Ham radio operator.

And of course, writing.

Where did the forensics come in?? Well, since I like to switch genres, forensics often shows up in and of itself or within a police procedural. So I took classes… I still want to visit Bill Bass’s Body Farm. Now THAT would be cool. Imagine my husband’s response, “You want to take a vacation where?” Yeah, I know.

My family: My husband is my harshest critiquer– trust me when I say he tests me on every paragraph I write and takes … notes … He is also my biggest source of encouragement. He says I am “low maintenance.” Generally speaking, I am not sure if he understands that writers ignore the world around them *unless doing some people watching.*

Such a long time ago!

My husband has two kids from a previous marriage, his son in the Army for all time, Dave, Steph, and their kids, Ethan and Caleb.

Dave and Steph
Steph and Trisha

and daughter, Trisha, a much sought-after esthetician–too late, she has her own practice/spa. If you’re ever in Medford, look up Adorn. She gives the best facials like ever!

Ethan and Caleb

I remember when they were so small! Ethan and Caleb

My son from a previous marriage looks like a bodyguard but works drywalling, and building ‘stuff,’ and his girlfriend, Jessica. Both could be co-chefs and open their own restaurant. We are their guinea pigs. Love it.

Matt and Jessica

And my pictures of Trisha’s kids, Sage and Ruby are On My Wall. So adorable but not on my computer! How rude, huh??

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